Glogster iPad App Gives Learners a Key
to Worldwide Knowledge

The Glogster iPad application offers the freedom to “glog on the go” for the first time, giving users a library of top-quality resources for inspiration, an editing platform for expression, and the opportunity to collaborate on an international scale.

Boston, September 24, 2014 - Available worldwide, Glogster’s iPad app does not simply answer learners’ questions, but puts a world of engaging resources at their fingertips. “Glogster aims to become the standard for learning anytime, anywhere,” says Glogster Co-Founder Martin Santorcl. “We can’t wait to see the unique ways in which international learners and educators use the app to access and share knowledge.”

With this mission in mind, Glogster built the app with a focus on the Glogpedia library. Using the app’s sleek interface, learners can be inspired by over 8,000 hand-picked glogs and resources covering 80 topics across 9 disciplines. Glogpedia cuts to the heart of learning, allowing users to instantly interact with any topic through a combination of text, images, video, audio and more - all in the same place. A simple button lets users save glogs to their dashboard ready to be viewed, shared, or edited using the integrated creation tool.

The app’s enhanced editing functionality is all about expression - creating rich content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Users can mix multimedia from their own files, Glogster’s library of pre-designed graphics, or anywhere around the web courtesy of the powerful Web picker browser. Nominating a glog to Glogpedia puts users at the heart of the library’s content, allowing them to share ideas and expertise with 17 million learners and 1.9 million educators worldwide as part of the ongoing initiative to expand Glogpedia into a complete interactive resource.

The app integrates into English, Spanish and Czech system languages with more to be added, allowing worldwide users to consume content in a truly unforgettable way within an ongoing cycle of inspiration, expression and collaboration.

Available now to download from the App Store

Glogster™ is a leading name in digital learning, founded in 2007. The Glogpedia™ library is an inspiring collection of top-quality content, pushing the limits of global learning standards.

Press contact:
Alicia Lewis