Glogster App Hits 250,000 Downloads

Four months after the Glogster iPad application’s highly anticipated release, “glogging on the go” is well on its way to being a worldwide phenomenon with 250,000 learners and educators worldwide enjoying the app’s unique capabilities.

Boston, February 17, 2015 - A quarter of a million people around the world are now carrying a library of 11,000 high-quality learning resources on their iPads, and a tool for creating content wherever inspiration hits. “This milestone marks a significant step in Glogster’s mission to promote learning beyond the bounds of the traditional classroom,” says Glogster Co-Founder Martin Santorcl.

From educators’ responses it’s easy to see that the app is widening horizons, both in terms of digital information and real-world discoveries. While the Web Picker browser harnesses the internet as a powerful research tool, the app’s portable nature is inspiring users to explore the world around them and share their findings using a range of purpose-built templates and the iPad’s built-in camera. Suddenly students are creating homework glogs before they’ve even reached home, educators are sharing sporting and musical accomplishments with parents in real-time, and learners are gathering media and compiling reports while on field trips.

Since the release, several features have been implemented to augment every step of an assignment: the ‘favorites’ function allows users to create an easily-accessible list of content that inspires them, while the ‘copy’ function has been extended to duplicate a user’s personal creations as well as Glogpedia library content.

Technical features aside, the most telling thing about the app is how much fun students and educators are having: “even when my students don’t have an assigned project, they make Glogs at home,” says technology educator Vicki Bradford, “they are all excited about this amazing tool and come in eager and excited to show me their latest creation.”

The future is bright for mobile glogging, as this year will mark the release of Glogster for Android, as well as an individual license - an ideal way for university students and professionals to enjoy all the benefits of Glogster.

About Glogster
Glogster™ is a leading name in digital learning, founded in 2007. The Glogpedia™ library is an inspiring collection of top-quality content, pushing the limits of global learning standards.

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