Resources & Tools Lesson Planning 

Make a copy Time to tell time to the minute

Time to tell time to the minute by Carlie79

Science Earth Sciences 

Make a copy The 2011 Japan Tsunami

The 2011 Japan Tsunami by Tehescmarts

Science Animals 

Make a copy Life Cycle Video Diary

Life Cycle Video Diary by bstar

Science Earth Sciences 

Make a copy Lightning:It's Electrifying

Lightning:It's Electrifying by Precious77

Science Health & Medicine 

Make a copy All about Medicine (by hapeez95)

All about Medicine (by hapeez95) by MrReGlog

Social Studies Ancient History 

Make a copy Innovations in Mesopotamia

Innovations in Mesopotamia by MsESalinas

Science Weather and Climate 

Make a copy 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

1906 San Francisco Earthquake by austintuggle

Science Zoology 

Make a copy The Amazing Hummingbird

The Amazing Hummingbird by Mdecker11

Science Experiments 

Make a copy Microwave Marshmallows Experiment

Microwave Marshmallows Experiment by BLYTHWOOD2003