Language Arts Literature 

Make a copy Early American Literature and it's abouts

Early American Literature and it's abouts by aylinv15

Arts & Music Music 

Make a copy [2015] Ruya Miari: ONE DIRECTION

[2015] Ruya Miari: ONE DIRECTION by lauradudgeon

Social Studies History 

Make a copy The Gettysburg Battle

The Gettysburg Battle by USHistoryI

Language Arts Book Reports 

Make a copy Who was Amelia Earhart

Who was Amelia Earhart by Beck410

Social Studies World History 

Make a copy Chinese Revolution (Jacob Gdowski)

Chinese Revolution (Jacob Gdowski) by gbcs2015jacobbrendan

Social Studies World War I 

Make a copy Important people of WWI

Important people of WWI by hannahpd7

Social Studies American History 

Make a copy Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention by snowbabe