Science Engineering 

Make a copy Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering by Elsasser

Science Zoology 

Make a copy Australian Snubfin Dolphin

Australian Snubfin Dolphin by GlogpediaGlogs

Social Studies Historical biographies 

Make a copy Justinian for President (by hokiehyder11)

Justinian for President (by hokiehyder11) by MrReGlog

Science Computer Science 

Make a copy Kristen & Catherine, Nintendo Games

Kristen & Catherine, Nintendo Games by kristenkg

Arts & Music Graphic Arts 

Make a copy Starship McKillop ISMF winners

Starship McKillop ISMF winners by McKillopLibrary

Social Studies American History 

Make a copy [2015] Gabriel Ingram: Caddo Indians

[2015] Gabriel Ingram: Caddo Indians by SumatraGirl

Social Studies World War I 

Make a copy WWI, what were the causes?

WWI, what were the causes? by BMDugan

Science Scientific Biographies 

Make a copy Famous Scientist - Ampére

Famous Scientist - Ampére by WinnDixie

Arts & Music Film Report 

Make a copy Godzilla in the 1960s

Godzilla in the 1960s by LeoXIII