Social Studies American History 

Make a copy Abraham Lincoln (US President)

Abraham Lincoln (US President) by GlogpediaGlogs

Social Studies Economics 

Make a copy Australia's Economy

Australia's Economy by Bisrat

Social Studies European history 

Make a copy Danmark og De Vestindiske

Danmark og De Vestindiske by eleverne

Social Studies Historical biographies 

Make a copy [2014] MMisel1: Alexander Hamilton

[2014] MMisel1: Alexander Hamilton by tcushatt

Language Arts Literature 

Make a copy Working Vigorously for Literacy

Working Vigorously for Literacy by esmurdoco367

Language Arts Reading Comprehension 

Make a copy Let's read about the literacy challenge

Let's read about the literacy challenge by kozella050

Science Technology 

Make a copy The Evolution of Boats

The Evolution of Boats by MichaelHCMS