Math Geometry 

Make a copy angle theorem of triangle

angle theorem of triangle by JeremyAaliyah

Social Studies American History 

Make a copy Witches in the 1600s in America

Witches in the 1600s in America by EthanHartmann

Math Measurement 

Make a copy Whar Are Pie Charts

Whar Are Pie Charts by ELMCu1

Social Studies Ancient History 

Make a copy Indus valley (Gabriel King)

Indus valley (Gabriel King) by kingsonduke

Social Studies Archeology 

Make a copy Fossilized Mosquito Blood  Meal

Fossilized Mosquito Blood Meal by FatemaK

Resources & Tools Travel Guide 

Make a copy Rachael Finnerty's Travel Report

Rachael Finnerty's Travel Report by rachaelfinnerty