Math Fractions 

Make a copy Summarizing the Big Idea

Summarizing the Big Idea by SaraZara

Math Algebra I 

Make a copy Performing Operations Using Matrices

Performing Operations Using Matrices by JacquelineZegler

Math Geometry 

Make a copy Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter by MrReGlog

Math Number Operations 

Make a copy Number Properties

Number Properties by cks44

Math Pre-Calculus 

Make a copy Polynomials Project

Polynomials Project by gilberto9326

Science Chemistry 

Make a copy [2013] Cole Cantrell (2nd HS Physical): Matter

[2013] Cole Cantrell (2nd HS Physical): Matter by mikeeby

Math Algebra I 

Make a copy Multiplying Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials by nicolebarbera

Resources & Tools Finished Assignment Examples 

Make a copy Historical Biography,(Assignment),History

Historical Biography,(Assignment),History by mrludwin

Math Prob/Stat 

Make a copy Statistics and Probability

Statistics and Probability by KatelynYoung159

Resources & Tools Lesson Planning 

Make a copy Integrated Lesson: Adding Animals

Integrated Lesson: Adding Animals by Smcken8