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EventZoroaster was the founder of Zorostrianism. He founded the religion about 3500 years ago in ancient Iran.

PracticesTo bury the dead, they usually took dead bodies to a tower of silence. Then, they laid the body under the sun, which probably goes back to the major symbol, fire. On the flip side, people in the Zorostrianism faith usually held weddings into two parts. The first part consisted in the bride and groom as well as their families signing a contract, binding them. The second part consists of a feast and celebration. Their place of worship is called "Fire Temples".

Cultural DiffusionBoth Judaism as well as Christianity were both founded after Zorostrianism.

Basic BeliefsPeople involved in Zorostrainism believed that there is one universal, supreme God. Their scriptures are called the Avesto. They are written in Avestan. Also, fire is a major symbol in this religion. It is commonly used as a central role in religious ceremonies.


Missionary WorkAkenaton, an Egyptian pharoh, strived to convert Egypt from polytheism to monotheism.

Big RitualsMarch 21st is "Naw-Ruz", which a Persian holiday celebrating a new year. December 21st is "Yalda", which is celebrating the winter solstice, which is thought to be good triumphing over evil since the nights begin to shorten. Finally, on December 26th, Zarathust No Diso is celebrated. This is a day of mourning of Zoraster and filled with prayers and studies of his life.



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