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Zoroastrianism By: Travion Ellis

Big RitualsZoroastrianism Big Rituals are weddings, funerals, and festivals. Their weddings have two stages. First the bride and the bridesman , and the guardians have to sign a contract before they get married then they will have a big festival afterward. Their funerals is very known throughout the world. They lay the dead bodies under the sun and let the animals devour them.

Culture Diffusion and Missionary WorkAkhenaton was a Egyptian Pharoah who strived to change Eygpt's reliogion to Zoroastrinism. The movement was huge impact in the ancient world. Akhenanton spent most of his life converting Egypt to Zoroastrinism, but when he died, they destroyed his work immediately. This was an example of how one religion was affected by another. Zoroastrinism communicared some of its traditional ideas to some of the adherents of the Judaism. These were incorpated to some degree into Jewish faith. However, both Christianity and Islam were founded after Zoroastrianism.

Ahura is the god of Zoroastrinism.

BeliefsZoroaster is the founder of Zoroastrianisim. They beleive that when Zoroasters died, he was taken to Heaven, where Ahura Mazda revealed that he had an oppone, Aura Mainyu, the promoter and the spirit of evil.

Who is Zoroaster?Zoroaster was a Persian Prophet who teached Zoorastrainism. He was born on the year of 2715. They don't really know where he was born. Some says Iran, Balkh,

PracticesThe Zorostrians text is called the Avesta. They practice the Eternal Flame, Burial, Scriptures, and fundemental moral practices. When somebody die they take the dead body under the sun and let the animals devour them. Zorastrians place of worship is called fire temples. They say that Ahura is full of glory. He have created light, sun, fire, and stars. Zoroastrians write in Avestan. The oldest part of the Avesta is called the Gathas.

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