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Zoroastrianism6th century BCE

a monotheistic religion of Ancient Persia

"From the mid 7th century CE, Zoroastrianism was gradually supllanted by Islam but lives on as the religion of minorities in Iran,India and elsewhere.""A good use of wealth, acquired with honesty, is an important part of Zorostrian ethics.""The focus of all Zoroatrian rituals is the fire."


BiographyZoroastrianism is one of the oldest world religions, it arose in ancient Persia around 3,500 years ago. At that time the prophet Zarathustra or Zoroaster began preaching his message. Zarathustra, thought to be a priest of the existing Iranian religion of his time, was a highly original thinker and a bold reformer.

1. Are there any beliefs in Zoroastrianism where after you die, you come back to Earth in a different form? No.2. Are there any important traditions during a burial? Yes3. Are there any big rituals in Zoroastrianism? Yes, a lot4. Do they have a sacred book? Yes, the Avesta.

Interview with Professor Almut Hintze

Ahura Mazda

The Zorastrian scripture is the Avesta. The oldest part of the Avesta was composed in Gathic Avestan, the language of the prophet Zarthustra. The part of the Avesta in Gathic includes 17 hymns or psalms composed by Zarathustra himself.

Fire Temple

Map of the Achaemenid Empire The impact of Cyrus the Great's Edict of Restoration is mentioned in Judeo-Christian texts and the empire was instrumental in the spread of Zoroastrianism as far east as China.

The Zoroastrian Avesta

Zoroastrianism Fire Worship, usually they use fire temples for their worship place

Dakhma the traditional place of disposal of the dead

Zoroastrian song- Mana Maa

Brief History of Zoroastrianism


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