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Zoobreak by: Gordon KormanBy: Lori Krieger

A girl named Samantha gets her rare capuchin monkey, Cleo stolen by a man who owns a zoo boat/ ship called “all aboard animals”. Griffin is the man with the plan, is the one in charge. Ben is the one who has a rare disorder that he has to sleep in sometime of the day; he can’t keep his eyes open without having a nap. Samantha is the one who is sort of like dr.doolittle. She knows how to talk to animals and knows the proper care. The crew Ben, Griffin, and the rest have to help Samantha get her rare monkey back. But when they get on the zoo ship Samantha feels bad for all the animals that live on that boat so she let them all go free. The question is where to put them all?

I think this book is a good read because in the beginning of the book it is quite a mystery because you find out who took Cleo and interesting because you get a nasty visual of “All aboard animals” the zoo ship. Also it is very adventurous because you find out where they put all the animals when they let the animals go. Also when they found the places to put them, you feel nervous because you would be thinking, wait, what if a mom or dad finds the animals in the house. If you are looking for a book with adventure, animals and mystery, I recommend this book to you. I think this book is an excellent read.



griffen is the man with the plan

ben is a boy who has a rare sleeping disorder and always needs a napsamantha is a girl who has got to be related to dr dolittle and talks to animals too.

setting: in their towntime: today, afternoon place: city/ zoos



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