Zlata´s Diary

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Zlata´s Diary

January 27, 1993Today the shelling was horrible. We huddled in the cellar for about five hours today... surrounded by mice!! GROSS!! I hate having to see all of my family and friends suffer from the hunger and cold with nothing I can do about it. But the worst is seeing my daughter Zlata suffer from this war. Her childhood was just taken from her and I can tell she's trying to stay strong for me and her father. I just wish that I could do something for her. Hopefully things will get normal soon.

Summary:Zlata's Diary is about an 11 year old girl who witnesses her home town being destroyed by the Bosnian war, in early 1990s. She records the deaths of her friends, the food they eat, and shell bombs being fired on her town. Zlata has piano lessons, birthday parties, her grades at school, all her childhood activities stolen from her, forcing her to leave behind her childhood because of the war.

Zlata's Diary

One of the many diary entries Zlata wrote during the Bosnian war. She began writing her diary in 1991, just as she finished 5th grade.

Zlata saved all of her letters from family, friends, and pen-pals. She reread the letters until she knew every word about how great life was for them and how Zlata is in her thoughts.

Zlata started writing her diary becaise she got a notebook and saw some older friends writing diaries. She began writing about her life until the war broke loose, then she stared writing about the war and everything around her. Her diary got published because UNICEF was looking for a young person's diary to publish. Soon after her diary got published, her and her family moved to Paris to start a better life and to get away from the war.

The remains of Bosnia during the Bosnian war.

Zlata and a friend talking to a United Nation soldier.


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