Zlata's Diary

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Zlata's Diary

- What the setting of the story is (place and time)-Cultural knowledge of Bosnia and language differences- Hatred-Injustice-Fear-Courage

Background Knowledge Necessary for Understanding/Major Themes

Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo

Name: Briana Rabinowitz Due Date: 9/18/14

Using this novel in a classroom would give students exposure to another side of the world during a time that doesn't seem as far away as some other historical works are. Jounraling responses to this journal is good writing practice for students. Picking an excerpt out of their collection of written journal entries to publish and present to the class gives them an experience to share their thoughts and feelings in a secure environment while showing them different publshing and presentation methods to expand their use of technology in the classrrom.

Instructional Strategies for Teaching

The adolescent experience during wartime Bosnia was non-existant. Children were expected to act as adults and be strong for their families. Zlata references her LACK of childhood multiple times throughout the novel. The students reading the novel may have little no to experience with loss such as the kind Zlata is exposed to in the story. Zlata went from having a "normal" childhood and then all of that changed and she had to adapt. Our students' lives haven't been impacted as abruptly as Zlata's has in regard to war, so their everyday is pretty routine.

Impact on Adolescent Experience

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