Zlata's Diary

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Zlata's Diary

Zlata Filipovic was a preteen living in Sarajevo when the Bosnian War broke out in 1992. She faithfully recorded her thoughts and observations in her personal diary, Mimmy. As a child of war, Zlata not only recorded the horrifying events that were occuring outside her windows, but she also kept up with the day to day happenings in her personal life and in her home. Thanks to Zlata's journal entries, we can see life in the early 1990's from the perspective of a young girl, not just from what was reported by news agencies and historians. Zlata and her family escaped to Paris from Sarajevo on December 23, 1993.

12/03/80 - Zlata is born.03/01/92 - Zlata's first diary entry about trouble in Sarajevo.04/09/92 - Schools closed.07/14/92 - First UN humanitarian aid package received by Zlata's family.09/15/92 - Zlata's friend Eldin is killed.03/10/93 - Ran out of birdseed for Cicko.06/13/93 - Zlata received copies of her published diary.12/23/93 - Zlata and her parents leave for Paris.


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Zlata's Diary

Child of War


Sarajevo 1993


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