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Chemical Elements

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When and Where was it Discovered?


Where did it Come From?




PHYSICAL:Melting Point: 1855*CBoiling Point: 4409*CDensity of Solid: 6511 kg m3CHEMICAL Does not react with water under normal circumstances. Dissolves in hydrofluoric acid and forms fluoro complexes. Reacts to Halogens upon warming to form zirconium.

Where is It Used?

Most Commonly found in labtops, ballpoint pens. Zirconium Oxide is used as a flap disk. It is also found in older cameras' flash bulbs. Zirconium dioxide withstands high temperatures and Zirconium Carbonate is used in lotions.

Zirconium was originally discovered in Germany in 1789. The Chemist's name was a man named Martin Heinrich Klaproth. He found out that it was an element from a sample of Zircon that was in Sri Lanka.

Zirconium came from the Persian word "Zargun" because in English, that translates to gold. It was named after this because sometimes, it will have a shade of gold. As you can see in the second picture, there is a trace of that.

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