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Inventors and Inventions

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By: Wesley, Shaimaa, Sabreen







Q6) What is the most famous company of zippers A: YkkQ7) What does YKK stand for?A: Yoshida Kogyo KabushikikaishaQ8) How many miles of zippers are made a year?A: 65,000 miles of zippers are made a yearQ9) How many zippers are made a year?A: 7.5 billion zippers are made a yearQ10) How much does YKK manufactures of zippers?A: YKK manufactures 90% of all zippers

Q1) Who invented the zipper?A: Whitecomb L. Judson & Gideon Sundback Q2) Where were zippers inventedA: In chicagoQ3) When did zippers start to become famous?A: After they started getting used for flight jacketsQ4) What were zippers called back then?A: Clasp-LockerQ5) How did Judson and Sundback get the idea of zippers?A: From Elias Howe The founder of sewing machines

Q16) How much money is made from zippers?A: About $8.2 million dollars Q17) How did zippers get its name?A: B.F goodrich used zippers and when he was closing it he heard the zippppp... and he named it that.Q18) Why do zippers have the little teeth?A: So it can close something wellQ19) How many zippers are made a day? A: 7 thousand zippersQ20) When were zippers made?A: 1913

Q11) How many parts does a zipper have?A: 4 parts the stop stop, slider, stringer, & bottom stopQ12) How much does a zipper cost?A: About $2.00-$5.00 depends on its durabilityQ13) How many things that use zippers?A: There are more than 100,000 things used with zippersQ14) How many zippers did Judson and Sundback sold when they started?A: 20 out of 20,000 million Q15) How many kinds of zippers are there?A: There are 4 kinds of zippers Nylon zippers, invisible zippers, plastic zippers, & metal zippers

Q21) Is there any celebration that celebrates zippers?A: Yes it is on April 29th its called zippers dayQ22) Are zippers made out of coil?A: No but they are individual piecesQ23) Why are there zippers on girls pants?A: So it can fit right Q24) What were zippers first used for?A: ShoesQ25) Are zippers used commonly among people?A: Yes


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