Zion National Park

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Zion National Park

Fun Facts-Utah's first national park- Over 900 species of plants found nowhere else in Utah-The kolob arch is a 287.4 ft long is one of the worlds largest free standing arches

Size-229 sq miles-Ovr 5000 feet of level changes

WildlifeThere are -78 species of mammals-291 species of birds-44 species of reptiles/amphibians-8 species of fish

1909: Taft declares it a national park1919: decalared a national park by Congress

History and Culture-Originally inhabitated by hunter gatherers 12,000 years ago-The Anasazi tribe moved out due to heavy droughts-Flash floods destroyed the towns-First Explorers: Silvestre Velez de Escalante and Dominguez Escalante

-Settled by mormons-Named Zion because its immense beauty resembled biblicial city of Zion.-1872: The European-American settlement of Shunesburg was washed away by the Virgin River

Zion National Park

Things to do

-Bike around the Pa'rus Trail and the ZionCanyon Scenic Drive -Birdwatch 207 species of birds-Hike the narrows and the many trails-Guided horseback riding-Camp in one of the three campgrounds-Wall climbing

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