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Chemical Elements

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Zinc has 35 neutrons

By Jack.Zand Charles.M

Zinc is known to galvanize metals to stop it from rusting fast.

Zinc ranks 24th on the list of abundance

I, Andreas Marggraf, discovered Zinc in 1764!!

Zinc is here

When zinc is combined with hydrochloric acid (HCI), it releases hydrogen gas (H).

Zinc is commonly found in association with other base metals


+2 combing capacity

Zinc belongs to group 12

Zinc is a fairly soft bluish white metal with a shiny surface. Its boiling point is 908 degrees celsius and melts at 419.5 degrees celsius.

Zinc sublimates really fast

The name "zinc" was first used in 1651. It came from the German "zink", meaning originally not known.

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Although zinc compounds have been used for at least 2,500 years in the production of brass, it was never recognized as a distinct element until much later

By heating calamine (a powder containing zinc oxide ZnO and ferric oxide Fe2O3) with charcoal, Andreas was able to "discover" zinc

Galvinization is the process in which metals that can easily rust, like iron, is coated with zinc to prevent it from rusting

Density: 7.14 g/cm cubedHardness: 2.5 on Mohs scale

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