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Chemical Elements

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Zinc was first used in brass, a zinc-copper alloy, by the Romans and the Chinese around 2000 years ago.

The atomic number of zinc is 30 and it is in Period 4, Group 12.

The density of zinc is 7.14 g/mL. Zinc is pretty heavy and sinks when placed in water.

Zinc is found in zinc ore, which is rock containing deposits of zinc, as well as lead, silver and copper.

Zinc is used in die-castings. Die-castings are molds for other types of metals. Die-castings with zinc in them are typically used for making car parts.

Zinc is a fair conductor of electricity and is malleable and ductile only when heated to a certain temperature. When zinc is lower than 100*C or higher than 210*C, it becomes brittle.

Pure metallic zinc was discovered by Andreas Sigismund Marggraf, in 1746.

The melting point of zinc is 419.5*C.The boiling point of zinc is 907*C.

Zinc is a solid at room temperature and it is bluish-white in colour.

Today, one use for zinc is that it is used as a coating to protect iron or steel form rusting. This is called galvanizing.

All pennies made between 1983 and now are made up of 97% zinc.


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