[2015] Jamieson Nichols (Unit 1/2 Psychology 2015): Zimbardo Prison Experiment

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[2015] Jamieson Nichols (Unit 1/2 Psychology 2015): Zimbardo Prison Experiment

Limitations and Criticisms-The study got cut short after six days-Zimbardo ran the experiment and played the part of the prison Superintendent.

Social Influences in Behaviour

Zimbardo Prison Experiment

Key VariablesThe role that they were assigned, They were put into the mock prison, how they acted and their behaviour.Main ResultsThe participants that were put in a position of high power and status became agressive and hostile towards the prisoners and the participants put in a position of no power and little status were increasingly traumatised.

Aim:To find out about the psychological effects of status and power.Hypthesis:It was hypothesised that people could behave in accordance with a role they are given.Participants:24 normal, average and healthy men were selected out of a newspaper ad and 18 were randomly allocated the role of guard or prisoner, nine of each. A coin was tossed to determine the role of the participant.

ConclusionBehavour of normal, well educated men can change significantly when put in a position of power or status. The participants conformed to their role and took it very seriously.

Key Ethical Issues-Lasting Harm-Beneficence-Dehumanisation-Traumatization-Rights Removed


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