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Social Studies

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GeographyThe Shona chose to settle in a plateau.A plateau is a raised flat surface of land.There was abundant rainfall for crops and plenty of trees for firewood and building material.This area was free of deadly tsetse flies.The earth was rich in granite copper, iron, and gold.Great Zimbabwe was Zimbabwe’s capital and trade center.

The Language of Zimbabwe Today-Today there are three official languages: Shona, English, and Ndebele.-The origin of the languages was the Bantu languages.-Zimbabwe was built by the Shona who were Bantu-Speaking Farmers.70% speak Shona.20% speak Ndebele.

Geography Today-Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.-Lies within the tropics.-Straddles an extensive high inland plateau that drops northward to Zambezi valley where the border with Zambia is.-It drops southward to the Limpopo valley and the border of South Africa is.-The climate is tropical.-There is a dry season including a short cool season between May and September.-The rainy season is a time of heavy rainfall between November and March.-Much of Zimbabwe is a high plateau with a higher central plateau.-This forms a watershed between the Zambezi and Limpopo river systems..

Historical successes and failures-Through mining and trading Zimbabwe became a wealthy kingdom.-Zimbabwe produced much gold.-Great Zimbabwe was the capital and trade center.-In 1450 the chief of Zimbabwes's gold producing provinces declared independence from Great Zimbabwe.-A nothern group led by King Mwene Mutapa conquered neighboring kindoms and formed a new empire called Monomutapa.-Civil wars began to break out in 11490 weakened Monomutapa.-The emopire split in two in the early 1500s.-The north remained Monomutapa and the south was Changamire.-The Portuguese were very friendly with Monutapa and took over their gold mines.-In 1570 they attacked the empire.-The portuguese army were greatly diminished by malaria and their conquest attempt failed.-During the next 100 years the Portuguese continued to control the central government.-Monutapa was seriously weakened from civil wars and the distribution of gold production._The southeren kingdoms had conquered it by the late 1600s.

Rulers-The Rulers were the Shona.-The rulers controlled most of the country between the Limpopo River on the south-The Zambezi on the north and from the Indian Ocean west, to the Kalahari Desert.-The Shona used diplomacy to rule the small surrounding states.-The great riches produced by gold and ivory trade allowed the Shona to maintain their rule and expand their influence.

Great Zimbabwe A.D. 1000s

Zimbabwe Today

Origin of Language-Great Zimbabwe was built by the Shona.-The Shona are Bantu-speaking speaking farmers and cattle raisers.-Bantu-is a series of languages that are spoken.

Resources and Economy-In the 1100s the Shona began to dig and to mine gold underground..-Archaeologists have found more than 60,00 mine shafts on the Zimbabwe plateau.-Most of the people who worked in the mine shafts.-The miners built fiers next to large gold-bearing rocks , and when they were hot they throughcold water on them. A sudden temperature splchange was happened and this split the rocks, making it easier for the miners to remove the gold.-Through mining and trading gold, Zibabwe became a wealthy kingdom.

Resources and Economy Today-Coal, Chronium ore, asbestos, gold, nickel, copper, iron ore, vandium, lithium, tin-Platinum group metals-Zimbabwe make its moneytoday from transportation, energy, telephone, agriculture, and mining.

Rulers Today-Zimbabwe has an elected governemnt.-Zimabwe has presidential and parlimetary systems of government.-People vote by ballet.-The current president of Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe.

Zimabwe in the world today-Zimabwe is not at its full power yet.-It has a declining society.

Fun Facts-Zimabwe is the 61th largest country in the world.-It is also the 70th most populated country in the world.

Map of Zimbabwe now



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