Zheng He

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Zheng He

Zheng He was a slave that became a great commander. Whaen his dad died in the Army Zheng He's family became slaves of the emporer. Zheng He brought back knowegle and traaditions back to China.

Zheng He sailed on 7 voyages as the captin of the Chiese sailors.

Zheng He possibly got knowegle and traditions from his exploration.

Zheng He

Zheng he lived to 61 to 62 years old when he died.

There is statue of Zheng He in Malaysia.

Zheng he was born in southern China.

Zheng He lived in the years 1371-1433 Zheng He sailed in the years of 1405-1433.


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By: Abbi Byrne

Zheng He route while he was sailing.

This the Chinese flag.


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