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ZeusThe supreme ruler of all existence.

Zeus, holding his lightening bolt.

Zeus's parents: Cronus and Rhea

Zeus and his eagle. The eagle is a symbol of him and one of the forms he can take on.

Zeus and his wife, Hera.

The birth of Zeus's daughter, Athena.

Forms: A cuckoo, a swan, golden rain, a bull, an eagle, a hawk, a fish, and a serpant.Symbols:Thunderbolts, shields, thunderstorms, gold, and eagles.Powers:He could throw lightning bolts, change the weather, shapeshift, controls fate.

The Name Zeus:Greek- ZeusRoman- Jupiter / Jove

Zeus's Parents:The parents of Zeus are Cronus and Hera.Zeus's Birth: It was said that one of Cronus's sons would take his position as king of the gods, so every time one of his children were born, he swallowed them. Rhea did not like this so she decided that her next child would be given birth to secretly. Rhea gave Zeus to a shepherd family who raised him, and tricked Cronus into eating a rock wrapped in blankets instead on their new born child.

Myth: Zeus saw Metis walking in his garden one day. She was such a beautiful nymph that he traveled down Mount Olympus to go after her. Metis ran away from Zeus in the forms of many animals but Zeus finally caught her and they had a child together. Zeus found out that if the child he was going to have with Metis was a boy, the child would later take Zeus’s position on Mount Olympus, like he had done to his father, Cronus. Zeus did not want to risk the chance of Metis giving birth to a boy so he swallowed her in order to remain King of the Gods. Zeus began to experience an extremely terrible headache. Hephaestus was ordered to cut Zeus’s head open with a hammer and wedge and a grown women dressed in armor and holding a spear rose out of Zeus’s skull. It was Zeus’s daughter Athena!

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