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Zeus was the god of the sky and storms, as well as thunder and lightning. He was the all-powerful ruler of the Olympians.

Zeus's weapon was a lightning bolt, the most destructive force in the ancient Greek world. Those who offended Zeus were often reduced to smoking ashes.

The Olympic Games were an ancient Greek festival held in honor of Zeus. This tradition of athletic competition has been carried on to the modern day.

The eagle was Zeus's sacred animal. This majestic bird has been a symbol of power for centuries, and was chosen as the symbol of the United States.

To the ancient Romans, Zeus was known as Jupiter. His name was later given to the largest planet in the solar system.

Zeus's father was a not-so-nice Titan named Kronos. To prevent his immortal children from challenging his power, Kronos swallowed all of Zeus’s brothers and sisters. Zeus eventually forced Kronos to vomit up his siblings, and then the Titans and the Olympian gods battled for control of the universe.


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