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Ethan, AKA Scam, has a power, which lands him in deep trouble with criminals and the police, and he doesn't know how to get out. He turns to the most unlikely people to help him out - the other "Zeroes" who all have powers like his, which can be useful, and can be dangerous. The Zeroes used to be his friends, but he said some things he can't take back. But, they come and get him out of trouble with the police, but he's still got gangs of robbers and drug dealers after him. United again by Ethan, they find themselves caught in an exciting, action-packed adventure which keeps you hooked through every page.


In my opinion Zeroes is a great, interesting read that will keep you turning the pages, and wanting to know what will happen in the next books, as this is the first in a new series, and how the characters will develop more and find out more about their powers.


Each character has a unique power, but they have a price. Ethan/Scam can open his mouth and whatever he needs to say will come out, but the voice has no limits, it knows everything about people and it will lie its way into anything. Kelsie/Mob can take a crowd of people and mold it any way she likes, but it also affects her. Her dad is also a criminal, who Ethan gets into trouble. Thibault/Anonymous is instantly forgettable, even his own family forgot about him, so he lives by himself and the other members constantly try to remember who he is. Riley/Flicker was born blind, but she can see through other people's eyes. Nate/Bellwether/Glorious Leader is the leader of the group, and that's also his power, he can lead a group of people and have them focused on him. Chizara/Crash can crash or destroy any electronics with her mind, but if any electronics are around they hurt her and she feels a lot of pain.


RECOMMENDATIONI reccomend Zeroes for anyone who likes sci-fi and wants some more interesting superpowers.


The story is set in Cambria, California, where the teens live. It's generally a pretty quiet town, with not much happening, until a bank robbery comes out of nowhere... and goes terribly wrong.


AUTHORSScott Westerfield, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti



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