Zeppelin Warfare

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Zeppelin Warfare

Zeppelin warfare did not start untill 1915, since up until then, the Kaiser of Germany had banned bombing on civilian cities.The first raid consisted of 2 zeppelins, and was on January 19, at Thames. Little damage was done.

How it Started

The original zeppelin was made by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, while the company was headed by Hugo Eckner. One of the most important leaders of the Zeppelin campaign was Peter Strasser, chief of the Naval Airship Division


In 1915, the zeppelin was a real threat. At 10,000 feet high, they could stay well out of range of artillery and planes. However, the hydrogen used in the zeppelins was very flamable, and resulted in many accidents. The most successful raid was on September 8, in which 22 people were killed, and 500,000 pounds of property was destroyed


When artillary failed, the british created the bullet, which would light up the hydrogen tanks on zeppelins. Equiped on bi-planes, which could now reach 10,000 feet, they were deadly to zeppelins. The Germans then created the height climber, which was a stripped-down zeppelin that could reach 20,000 feet. the crew had to carry oxygen tanks, and many zepplins were wrecked in the harsh conditions

Zepplin Warfare

A zeppelin was a riggid blimp with a strong frame that used tanks filled with hydrogen to lift it. They were used for recconasiance and bombing. Bombs were dropped from the cockpit at first, but latter dropped from bomb bays. They were relatively slow at 56 mph

What is a Zeppelin?

*The largest zeppelin raid ever conducted was on September 2, 1916. there were 16 zeppelins, but only 13 reached their target. It was led by Ernst Lehmann, latter commander of the Hindenburg.*In total, 159 zeppelins were built. In total, the raids killed 557 people and caused $7,500,000 worth of damage.

The Facts

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