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Zelda Fitzgerald


Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

TimelineJuly 24, 1900: Zelda was born in Montgomery, Alabama.July 1918: Met F. Scott at a country club dance.April 3, 1920: The couple married.1921: Zelda gave birth to Frances Scottie Fitzgerald.1930: Suffered a psychological breakdownJune 1930-September 1931: Lived at Les Rives de Prangins Clinic.1932: Published her only novel, Save Me The Waltz.1934: Show of her artwork in New York. Fitzgeralds part ways.March 10, 1948: Died in a hosptial kitchen fire.

Self-Portrait by Zelda Fitzgerald

“I don't want to live, I want to love first and live incidentally.” "

Zelda Fitzgerald Documentary


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