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zebras live togather in large herdin Africa.they also live in dry hilly lands.other zebras roam grassy areas.

zebras graze all day.the sharp front teeth to snip off tall grasses.flat back teeth help chew grass.they really need food and water evey day.zebras spend more time eating or looking for food.

There are enemies are other zebras familys.they try to kill them by comeing with them.they also kick away prediders.and run away quickle.


A zebra can weigh up to 500 ponds.also they can run 150 miles.zebras can weigh about 600 ponds amd 272 kilogram.

zebras foals have brown strips.zebras have sort manes.they also can walk an hour.they take a break by going to lakes.

They can walk 40 miles if it not in a hurry.they also are warm blooded.sometimes when they see a enemies they go in the trees and try to hide.zebras are good siwmmers to.

zebras can have 500 members in the family.they like going to rivers.baby zebras are called colts.

sometimes when its snowy they like to get warm or go gard the outsides.the baby zebras they like to play in the snow.

Zebras highest food chain is lions ther like to case them down.but they go to the hindout out so they cant find them.

I went to find all theis facts at net trekker,pebble go (animals),sherchaurus,and true flix.



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