[2015] Megan Miller: zebras

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[2015] Megan Miller: zebras

Intresting Facts:1. There are three different types of zebras: Burchell's, Grevy's, and the mountain zebra.2. The stripes on a zebra are unique.3. Foals can walk only 20min. after they are born.4. Zebras can run up to 35mph.


Physical description:1. Their weight is about 770 to 990 pounds.2. Their coat is quite shiny.3.Grevy's zebra is the largest, tallest, heaviest, long legs, and the biggest head and ears.

mountain zebra

Burchells's zebra

Grevy's zebra

Habitat:1. They live in open woodlands to open plains.2. Zebras like arid conditions.3. They also live in savannas and trealess grasslands

where they live:1. Zebras manely live in Eastern and Southern Africa.2. Their population is decreasing, but it isn't of any concern.3. Their population is decreasing due to habitat loss.

Habits:1. Zebras are herbivors, they eat grass, leaves, and buds.2. A zebra lives in a herd.3. They are very affectionate, so they tend to groom each other.


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