Zebra Shark

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Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark(endangered)


The Zebra shark have many common roles in the ecosystem compared with a lot of other sharks. the first and most important role of a zebra shark is population control. they help keep the predators in check and make sure that certain species can't take control of the smaller species. The Zebra shark is found in warmer coastal waters and around tropical coral reefs.Zebra sharks are most commonly found found in the Indian and South Pacific oceans

Symbiotic Relations

The pilot and remora fish share a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with Zebra shark as both parties benefit but are not entirel dependant on one another for survival. The fish eat the sharks' parasites, along with other debris maintaining the sharks health and in return, the fish receive a meal and protection due to their association with a top ocean predator.

The color pattern in young sharks is dark brown above and light yellow below, with vertical yellowstripes and spots. As the shark grows to 20-35 inches long, the dark areas begin to break up, changing the pattern from light-on-dark stripes to dark-on-light stripes spots. The Zebra shark attains a length of 2.5 metres, with a record of 3.5 meters. males and females are not dimorphic (difference in look between males and females) the only difference being their reproductive organs.


Diversity Changes

The population of the Zebra shark has unfortunately dropped a lot in past years. Due to the fisheries by the oceans, the Zebra sharks population has drastically dropped to only 462, which is hard to believe because they can have up to 20 babies at a time. Humans are the main cause of this, we have fished these sharks for years and they cannot repopulate as fast as we fish them.

One of the biggest conservation programs for sharks are "Wild aid|sharks". What this program does is it causes awareness to fisheries all accross teh world. They also specialize in Shark fin soup. As weird as that sounds, shark fin soup is a very popular soup in china and to make that soup they have to kill thousands of sharks all accross the world.There main goal is to raise awareness to these sharks who are in trouble and can't defend for themselves. There are many ways that we can help: First, do not buy any food with shark in itTell your friends and family and try to get them to join in to the organisationAlways go for the environmental alternativesSign the shark pledge.

Conservation Programs



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