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Zeb S baseball

Lou Brock stole the second most bases in a season with 118 and in lifetime with 938. Jackie Robinson ,although known for breaking the color barrier, stole home 18 times. Luis Aparicio played for 7 years and led the league every time. Ricky Henderson and Vince Coleman both have 2, most steals in a season, seasons in the top 5. Vince Coleman had the fifth highest steals in a career with 752.

Maury Wills was the first runner to steal over 100 bases in a single season. Max Carey stole 51 bases in 53 tries in one year. He also led the leagues in steals 10 times. Pete Reiser stole home base(which is the hardest to steal) 7 times out of 9 tries, and on one he always insisted was safe. Pete always played like his life depended on it, and he payed the price.

Ty Cobb was the the first great base runner. He was also known for striking fear into the hearts of the men cathing the ball.Ricky Henderson stole the most bases with 1406. Ricky also stole the most bases in a season with 130.He also is the only man to steal over 950 bases.


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