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originThe bagpipe is an instrument of Andean origin, used especially in the Andean highlands, and countries as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. development It began towards the V century of the Christian era, in the Huari or Wari culture,located in Peru. From that time to date, there has been extensivevariety of them.


DescriptionDulcimer is built with natural bamboo cane. It has two separate rows of pipes open at one end and closed at the other; each of them gives a note of the musical scale. Usually there is a row of six pipes, called the anger, and seven, called the ark. The tubes are held by two or more parallel strings or strips cane.

This wind instrument belongs to the pan-pipe family, and it consists of a series of reed pipes of different sizes together,  forming one or two rows. The size of the tube determines the musical note. It is made of thinner reed rods.


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