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Types of panpipesZanca Zampoña6 and 7 tubes

Name (sZampoña, siku, antara, laca, siringa, flauta de pan, phusa, rondador, pfuku-pfuku, huayra-pfucuna, phuku.

The dulcimer is a folk wind instrument composed of several hollow canes capped at one end, producing fluting sounds.

DESCRIPTION Is built with natural bamboo cane. It has two separate rows of pipes open at one end and closed at the other.


The name "Zampoña" is a corruption of the Spanish word "symphony".

ORIGINNative the Andean highlands area of the Andes shared by Peru and Bolivia

ZAMPOÑA MALTA.-7 and 8 tubes

In ancient Greece, this instrument is known asSIRINGA

ZAMPOÑA CHULI.-Small Zampoña, octave, 7 and 8 tubesZAMPOÑA CROMATICA.-Zampoña three rows of 29 tubes.

COMPONENTSIs composed of rows of longitudinal tubes

closed at the distal end comprising two parts, called AMARROS

Peruvian musical instruments : Zampoña

instructions to touch ZampoñaSit or stand in an upright, relaxed positionHold the zampoña with both hands.

Relax your arms.Form the correct mouth


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