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Social Studies

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Culture today is much like it was in the past. People get treated differently, there is fighting over land, governments get overthrown. If you look at all the aspects in the past of why there is conflict, then compare them to present day problems, you'll find that not alot has changed. Humans are humans, and they have desires. Some of these desires are so strong that they would do anything to have them. And that is why the same issues are occuring.


glog by: maddie byrd

Zambia's government is a Republic. A republic is where the administration of affairs is open to all the citizens.

Zambians make art out of almost anything they can find. Since the technology is just now advancing these poepl have to be creative.

Zambia is strong in their spiritual traditions. The people have a blend of values and are ethnically different. Some parts of the country are poor while other parts nourish. Women have a voice, but not as many rights as men.

Literacy Rate: 55.3%. Males take less time to be able to learn than women.

Official language is english. However, many people speak indiginous languages from Zambia.

Internet is being brought into Zambia. Most energy comes from solar power.

2009 { all is (kcal/capita/year) } food supply total-1,879 quantity cereals-129cereals-1,085whaet quantity-13whaet-102MANY MANGO TREES!


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