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Zach's Group's Glogster

-Zach"Both were were skinny and pale, both had sores on their lips"

This shows how at the begging of the book Liesel was weak and frail.

-Francis"The book thief had struck for the first time, The begging of an illistrous career.

This is the first time liesel stole a book and it will be the reason she learns to read and the reason she steals more

-Kyle "Jesus Mary, she said it out loud, the words distributed into a room full of books and cold air."

This is when she finds the library in the maroys house and this compells her to read even more.

-Jake"The whip continued from the solders hand. it landed on max's face"

I think this is when Liesel really saw who the Nazis were and what the stood for . I belive this is when she starts to hate them.

SkinnyFrailHelplessShe saw a bookShe stole a bookLearning to readUnderstanding - WordsStrongIndependentThe books - Did this to her



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