Zach's glog

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Zach's glog

They hide in dens and sometimes are aggressive.Usally the Gray fox gets to about 32 to 42 inches long. The weight of the adult Is about 7 to 11 lbs.They live to get 15 or 14 years old.It eats small animals, eggs, insects, birds, fruits, nuts, and berries.

Gray foxes hide in dens and sometimes are aggressive.The Gray fox has useful skin to humans The Gray fox is related to the swift fox, kit fox and the red fox and they all live in the United States of America.The Gray is not an endangered animal.

Zach Gray fox

The Gray fox's den can be to 75 feet long.The female Gray fox is called a vixen.On the Gray foxes back it is gray, red, and black.The Gray fox mates in February or in March and gives birth in April or May.The maximum of babies for a Gray fox is 7 babies.


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