zachary:Remote control finder :-)

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zachary:Remote control finder :-)

remote control finder

This is how it can do the statements above:•it could be rock solid in the core so the average human can't break it on accident.•Have the noise level adjustable so you can chose how loud it is.•Have different attachable clips so you can attach and unattach at will.

Problem: You lost your remote and you just can’t find it.Solution: You press the remote control finder you attached to the TV and here the noise coming. Bam you found it!Problem: Your cheap store bought brand keeps on falling off.Solution: The remote control finder can attach to anything because of its interchangeable bottoms.Problem: Your old store brand breaksSolution: The new remote control finder can withstand up to 200 lbs of weight until breaking

My invention is important because it will save time and make you less stressed. You will never have to spend long periods of time looking for your devices so finding things in a rush becomes easy and fast. That is why my invention is important.

My invention needs to do the following:•Not break under 200 lbs. of pressure•Beep loud enough to be heard but not too annoying.•Not fall off but still is capable of being removed easily

The Remote control finder can: Sustain heavy weights Gain interchangeable noises And stick to nearly anything

Tired of searching for your remote or other precious items? Search no more! Don't let the name trick you the remote control finder works on almost any flat surface. With it you will never lose anything ever again.

This is how we can test the statements above:Put the remote control finder in between two cushions and add 10 lbs on top off the cushion until reaching 200lbs. If it survives, it passes.Have 20 volunteers test the max volume. If 13 out of 20 can hear the beep and not be annoyed, it will pass the test. Attach the interchangeable clips or stickers. Drop them from a height of 4 feet. If it doesn't fall off, it passes


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