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Zachary Soil Project Page 1

Reduce Reuse Recycle

7. Analyze the Results:We are wasting too much paper. For every ton of paper used 17 trees are cut down.This is a problem for our wildlife, because birds and animals use trees. When there is extra paper around people may litter. By not recycling landfills are formed.

6. Test the Hypothesis:We can see what happens when trees are cut down. The birds and animals lose their homes and food. The people lose shade.

5. Design the Experiments:I will show that I made my own recycled paper out of old newspaper. I will show what happens if you do not recycle paper.

4. Develop a Hypothesis:I think that if we don't have many trees we cannot make any paper. I think that the missing trees will change how animals and people live.

3. Research the Problem:I used my computer to find out about recycling and I knew some things from Earth Day.

2. Identify a Problem:How are we wasting paper and does it hurt animals or people if we don't?

1. Choose your Topic:My topic is on Recycling Paper.

8. Formulate Conclusion:We need to separate paper into 3 different piles. White, colored, and newspaper. If we do not recycle there is more pollution from people wasting paper and by littering. By using computers you save paper.

The Scientific Flow Chart Process



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