Zach Younts and Aaron Strayer

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Social Studies
American History

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Zach Younts and Aaron Strayer

The Lone Ranger

Blast from the Past

Frank Sinatra

50s Advertising


Buddy Holly

Korean War

Leave it to Beaver

Buddy Holly-Everyday

Makin' Bread-Making MoneyCloud 9-Really HappyI got dibs on this-I call itHere comes the Heat(Police)Look at that Hottie(Fast Car)Agitate the Gravel-Get out of Here

Bomb Shelters were built in many private homes in fear of a Soviet nuclear attack on the U.S., these small concrete bunkers held the nessecities to survive in a Post-Apocalyptic enviroment.

Suburbs were massive communities built around a city, this was made possible by the use of automoblies, which for the first time in american history people could afford them.

Conformity is where people act and look the same, in the 50's this was very popular, it was good because it made Americans feel united, stronger against the Communists.

Gender Roles were simple in the 50's, men worked, earned the family money, while his wife cleaned the house, watched the kids and made him feel good about himself. Men were head of the house. Single women dont apply to this statement.

The Resurgence in Religion describes the bringing back of faith, during this period 95% of Americans were connected to a Religious group, also in 1954 "under God" was added to the Pledge and "In God we Trust" was added to U.S. currency. Americans felt God was on their side unlike the "Godless" Communists

Albert Einstein

The Baby Boom was the effect of millions of U.S. soldiers returning home from WWII eager to start a family, causing a massive peak in birth rate.



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