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[2014] Zachary Karas (Mrs Hineman): Zach Karas Glog

Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, GA in 1919.Jackie Robinson had 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sisterJackie Robinson was the youngest in his family and his father left the family for good when Jackie was a young boy.The family moved to CA when Jackie was a kid over time they were accepted by their white neighboursJR attended UCLA where he met his future wife Rachel, he was drafted into the US Army to fight during WW11After returning from war he married Rachel in 1946JR and Rachel had three children together: 2 boys and 1 girl


Jackie Robinson was an exceptional athlete he excelled in many sports:Baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf and track.JR was the first black all star professional baseball playerJR broke many color barriersJR retired from baseball to be with his family more and to become involved in the Civil Rights movement

Lasting Impact

Jackie Robinson devoted his later years to attain equal rights for blacks he marched with Martin Luther King and today we are all equal


Who was Jackie RobinsonAuthor: Herman O'BrienWikipediaGoogle ImagesYou Tube Archive Videos

Jackie Robinson



Brooklyn Dodgers win 1955 World Series

1919 - Jackie Robinson born in Cairo, GA Name1942 - JR drafted to US Army1947 - JR becomes first black player on a major league baseball team1949 - JR named MVP of National League1955 - Brooklyn Dodgers win first World Series1957 - JR retires from Baseball1972 - JR dies on October 24th


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