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Zach Gabbard's Glog

State Champs

My Girls :)

Top 10 FavoriteTeams10. Orlando Magic9. New York Yankees8. New England Patriots7. Minnesota T-Wolves6.. Perham Jackets5. Boston Celtics4. Denver Broncos3. Atlanta Hawks2. Minnesota Vikings1. Philadelphia Eagles

Top 5 Fav. Animals to KiLL5. Boar4. Deer3. Wolf2. Bear1. Ducks

''I have failed over and over in my career and that is why i succeed today.'' Micheal Jordan.

About me,. Well we will start out like this, my name is zachary gabbard, and i love to hang out with my friends, and beat people in mineswepper flags. Harv is an inspiration to me, to acheive all my goals, i love basketball and any other sport pretty much, except for baseball..

Favorite Female ActorsJessica AlbaJessica BielHalle BerryAngelinca Joleand a bunch others that i cant think of at this moment.

My Cousin

I love her :)

Zach Gabbards Glog!!


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