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Yuri Kuklachev

Kuklachev writes books,paints,engaged in wood carving. He jokes,sings and dances. He has 30 cats at home. Kuklachev starred in films "Over the rainbow", "Cat and clown" and others.

Yuri Kuklachev

This theatre has a great success in the USA,Canada,Finland,China,Japan and Germany. The theatre was in these countries many times. It has a lot of international awards and the title of "most original theatre in the world". The main actors in this theatre are cats and dogs. The theatre has 120 cats and dogs. Some cats participated in commercials,for example the cat Boris. The cat Behemot starred in the series "Master and Margarita". This theatre is not onli for children,but for adults. Kids want to come here again and again.

Yuri Kuklachev is very famous artist in Russia. He was born is the 12’ th of April,1949 in Moscow. He is juggler,magician and trainer of cats and dogs. Kuklachev is the creator and director of the theatre of cats. The theatre of cats "Cat House" was established in 1990. It is the only theatre in the world. The theatre is located on Kutuzov Avenue in Moscow. In the theatre was established more than 10 performances,for example "My favourite cats", "Cat in boots" , "School of Kindness", "Cats-clowns and love" and others.

Kuklachev is the author of books "Friends of my cats", "Cats in Paris", "Cat house". He holds "Lessons of kindness" in schools. He leads the program "School of kindness of Yuri Kuklachev" on children’s radio. Yuri Kuklachev has several awards and titles.

In 1987 in DPRK was released the stamp devoted to Yuri Kuklachev.


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