Yunnanilus Nigromaculatus

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Yunnanilus Nigromaculatus


Endangered- polar bear, white tiger, blue whale.Extinct- Pinta Island Tortoise (June 24th, 2012), Baiji (2006), Western Black Rhinos (2011)

Threatened: It means the species is in danger of becoming endangered.Endangered: It means the species is in danger of becoming extinct.Extinct: It means the species are all dead. None of them exist anymore.Red List Website Address:

DetailsPhysical1. It has grey and brown skin.2. It has white skin but it has brown stripes.3. Its tail is split into parts.Biome Name: Freshwater biome.Biome Info/Location: - Has a low salt concentration (usually less than 1%).- Temperature ranges are 65 F - 75 F (summer) & 35 F - 45 F(winter).- Precipitaion is dependant on the region where the biome is located.Location: Dianchi Lake, Yangling Lake, Yunnan China.

What Does Animal Eat: Zoobenthos, shrimps, prawns, and benth. It gets its food by eating plants(benth), and hunting(shrimps, prowns, zoobenhos).Shelter: My animal gets its shelter by 1. Hiding under water plants, 2. Hiding under water plants, 3. Hiding inside or under fallen trees, 4. Hiding inside caves.Importance of Animal to Ecosystem: My animal is important to its ecosystem because of the food chain. If my animal were to become extinct then the predator of my animal will have no food and it will go extinct causing a massive domino effect of animals becoming extinct.



Title & Scientific Name



Why Endangered?

Reasons For Endangerement1. Heavy pollution ( making it harder to get fresh air )2. Industrial development ( taking over their natural habitat )3. Agricultural development ( taking over their natural habitat )


My adaptation to my animal is better lungs and liver that filter pollution. This adaptation helps my animal better suited to its enviroment and may prevent it from becoming extinct because my animal is endangered due to pollution and if it isn't affected by pollution then the population won't be effected in a negative way.


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