yung kay kay

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yung kay kay

chapter 1:Odysseus lands in phaeacia "for ten years the trojans fought braverly to save their city." "Calypso had no choice but to set him free."

Odysseus lands in phaeacia

chapter 2

"First of all," Odysseus said," let me tell you that i am Odyyseus, king of ithaca.

chapter 3

"Odysseus keeps this treasure for himself!""For nine more days we sailed on. On the tenth day, the foolishness of my men brought us disaster!

chapter 4

"while a year had passed, Circe saw that we were determined to leave her beautiful island."while my men slept, i sat with Circe and listened carefully to all she told me.

chapter 5

"the storm had blown in from the south.


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