Yukon Territory

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Yukon Territory

by Maddox Dean

Yukon's Population33,897(2011)

Whitehorse the Capital City of Yukon's Population23,276(2011)

Yukon's Year of Confederation1898

The Gem of Yukon:Lazulite

Industries and Products Mining is the biggest industry in Yukon, Yukon is known for the gold they mine.

Bird of YukonRavenI'm a raven!

Tree of Yukon

Yukon Territory

Major Rivers and LakesLakesMayo Lake, Aishihik Lake,Klauane LakeRivers and BaysDestruction Bay, Yukon River

Climate of WhitehorseWinter: It can get up to -60!Summer: It can get up to 36.1 degrees!

Physical GeographyMost of Yukon is a water shed of the Yukon River.(A watershed is an area or ridge that separates waters to different rivers, basins or seas.)Kluane National Park has the world's biggest Non-Polar Icefield and 8 of 10 of the tallest mountians in Canada!

Interesting FactsYukon has volcanos! Suchas Volcano Mountian (Volcano Mountain is the youngest mountian in Yukon) and Yukon's Carcross Dessertis the smallest dessert inthe World!

Carcross Dessert

Flower of YukonFireweed

Volcano Mountian

Subapine Fir


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