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Chemical Elements

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Yttrium (Y)




Interesting Facts

Physical and Chemical Properties:

-Atomic Number: 39-Atomic Mass: 88-Protons:39 -Nuetrons:49-Electrons:39-Melting Point: 1522°C or 2772°F-Boiling Point: 3345°C or 6053°F-Period 5, Group 3-Element Catagory: Metal

Yttrium was discovered by Johan Gadolin, a Finnish chemist. He was studying the composition of the mineral gadolinite, which was named after him. It was discovered in the town of Ytterby, Sweden. The metallic substance was found around 1789.

1) Used as microwave filters in microwave communications equipment2) Used to have red color in televisions3) Is used in jewelry4) Increases the strength of aluminum and magnesium alloys5) Used in white LED lights6) Is added to the glass used to make camera lenses to make them heat and shock resistant

- Is solid at room temperature- Density: 4.47 grams per cubic centimeter- Soft- Silvery- Dull luster- Flammable in air- Ductile


1. Named after the village of Ytterby, Sweden2. It is pronounced as IT-ree-em3. Only one stable isotope4. Is primarily obtained through an ion exchange process from monazite sand which is a rare.5. Yttrium can be found on the moon.6. Becomes unstable when in small pieces.

Element Information: