[2015] YratziLMMS: yratzi leija

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Social Studies
World History

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[2015] YratziLMMS: yratzi leija

SummaryWhen Kenny gets to the church,it's complete chaos.What used to be the front of the church is now a pile of rocks.People are running around and screaming,but Kenny can't hear anything.It's like his ears have turned off.He sees Momma and dad and Byron hugging and crying and calling out for Joey,buthe doesn't go to them.Kenny thinks the wool pooh wants to get him again

Summaryits sunday,an Kenny sees Joey getting ready to go to Sunday schoolwith the neighborsKenny runs in the house and Byron explains that a neighbor just came by and said that someone dropped a bomb on Joey's church.Byron run out the door.Kenny stands there for a minute in shock,then he follows Byron and everyone else in Birmigham toward the church.

Your text herethThe Watsons Go To Birmigham


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