You've got Mars Mail

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You've got Mars Mail

Find Analyze and Return Terrestrial Organic Astronomic Samples To Earth for Research




To successfully drill, collect, and return samples from the Martian crust in hopes of discovering evidence of valuable minerals and ores, but most importantly: proof of life on Mars.

-Discoveries of either manner would prove to be fruitful in furthuring our understanding of our planetary relatives, and mitigating future funding conundrums.

Nili Patera: This location exhibits many symptoms that signify bountiful hydrothermal deposits which usually contain gold and rare materials.

Aeolis Palus: Once the location of a freshwater lake, it is now considered to be one of the most probable locations for discovering evidence of life on Mars.

This mission has the potential to provide critical information to spur incredible advancements in science and humanity's understanding of the universe around us. Also, the discovery of rare minerals and ore deposits could prove profitable, and secure funding for future missions. The benefits of this mission are so far reaching, that even children in elementary school will be affected, for they will be the ones utilizing this information to land the first man on Mars. Hopefully this mission will inspire them to pursue the stars and discover who the real Martians are!


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