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With school becoming more competitive and expensive, people are looking for other ways to be just as successful, without paying the high cost. Youtube is now a new and popular source of income because of the simplicity, no prior training is required. Just ask Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewdiePie is the biggest youtuber in the world with a solid 37 million subscribers. He was in the business for 6 years, According to celebrity Networth, PewdiePie has a networth of 12 million dollars. It is also possible to become an internet sensation and make a great salary, with the purchase of a webcam and a computer, you can also reach astronomical heights. However, as easy as it sounds, being a professional youtuber is an extremely competitive job, in an environment with 1 million others who wish to make a fortune. To add onto this competitiveness it should be noted that with the introduction of adblock, youtubers are now struggling to make their money, since their money comes from advertisements. In fact you only make between 1-3 dollars for every 1000 ad views. In the past couple of year, Youtube tried to help out its ‘employes’ by adding subscriptions, by paying a certain amount of money every month, it was possible for youtube channels to make a definite amount of money. This had a mixed reaction between youtubers. These paid subscriptions are not worth the time, unlike T.V, a single payment does not cover the cost for all of your entertainment needs, you may be subscribed to 10 or more youtube channels. With each subscription being a solid 2 dollars a month, you will be paying a whopping 20 dollars just for youtube. That is not efficient and paid channels will see a massive drop in viewers. According to business reader it is estimated that only .3% of all youtube channels reach an average one million views compared to the 30% of all youtube videos that are below 100 views. Compared to the prestigious Ivy league schools which only accepted an average 8.8% of all applicants in the school year 2014-2015. Those are simply the ivy league schools, the best of the best some of the most difficult colleges in the world. As fun as doing nothing all day, except for uploading a few videos seems, it is not worth the risk, it would be advised that you should not drop out of school and open up a youtube account hoping to be the next PewdiePie. If it does not work out, then you will be virtually stuck, not having a degree or having a functioning youtubing channel, life can quickly go downhill. Just like anything else in life, being a professional youtuber is not an easy job but it is possible to do well, turning to youtubing as a job should be a last resort; if it is on the top of your bucket-list then you need to rethink your life because getting an education is more important.

The screenshot displays a paid channel, all of the videos which are locked average at 100 views while the one free video has 5000 views, showing a drop in paid channels.

Famous youtubers

These two graphs display the competitivness in both the youtube industry and college. It is seen that getting a degree is easier than becoming a sensation


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